February 15th, 2009

Welcome to My Garden

My name is Matt and this is my future vegetable garden.

Field of wildflowers.

This photo is from May 2007, a good year for Texas wildflowers. (No worries, wildflower nuts, my wife is one of you and additional yard space will be dedicated to wildflowers.)

I suppose the recession, global climate change, salmonella scares, and the dangers of pesticides have all contributed to my desire to garden. Mostly, I feel driven to slow down and live a little more purposefully – hoping my 3 year-old and even my 17 year-old daughters will discover something about living well along the way. I guess this is my modern day freedom garden.

Despite having very little experience in actually growing my own food, I’m going big on this garden. I’ve spent the winter scouring seed catalogs, gardening how-to books, blogs, and TV shows and I’ve just dirtied up my shiny new shovel digging the first few beds – mostly in the wrong place because I rushed to see how well the shovel worked before taking time to measure.

Field of wildflowers.

February 2009. The new garden boundaries marked with string.

I look forward to sharing my adventures in gardening. If you would like to follow along, you can subscribe to the RSS Feed..