July 26th, 2009

July Garden Photos: Transitioning to the Fall Garden

The nearly forty days of over 100° F (38° C) heat we’ve had this summer and the extended drought in Central Texas has taken an early toll on the vegetable garden. I’ve started the transition to a fall garden by ripping out the corn stalks, melon vines, bush beans, and many of the tomato plants.

Although it feels too hot to think about a fall garden, it’s time to plant tomato and pepper seedlings, winter squash, and corn.

Garden Overview West Garden Overview East Watermelon Tomatoes ildi tomatoes Chocolate Cherry Tomato Spider Tomato foliage Tomato Bird Bite Aphid infestation on cucumber leaves Humming bird feeder over aphids Spinach Malabar blooming Sunflower seeds drying Pecan Compost pile Tomato seedlings

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You can compare these photos to the May photos and June photos.