February 25th, 2009

Garden Update: Running Water

Central Texas is in a severe drought and I’m looking for ways to reduce the garden’s “water footprint”. I don’t expect to be able to get by without any watering, however, and the existing hose taps in our yard are too far to drag hoses from, so I’m installing an additional tap near the garden.

I’m digging up an existing sprinkler box that has a hose bib in it and tying in new PVC pipe that will run about 40 feet underground towards the garden. I’ll be putting the new hose bib below ground so I don’t have to worry about wrapping it during the mild freezes we get here.

post hole

You can see where I meandered a bit in the beginning before my engineer wife came out and suggested I run a line to make it a bit more straight. Engineers are funny about straight lines – even underground.

post hole

I’m digging this by hand, so the pipe will be about 15 inches below ground (1 foot is the minimum required by code, 2 feet deep is probably smarter).

The hard part is digging the trench. Gluing it all together is a snap – although the three year old kept absconding with my cut pipe pieces because they make a good run for her marbles.